Container Gantry Crane
As our cranes are serving around the world. We have special feeling for ports. Rail-Mounted Gantry Container Crane (RMG) is the most common container handling equipment. The RMG from us hold advantages of high efficiency, and high usability (the slacking span, cantilever can be customized according to user requirements), lower cost in maintenance and daily operation, easy to control etc. We know the potential challenge, and provide a suitable solution you can trust.
Port crane
Port crane
The design of the rail-mounted container stacking cranes responds to the individual customer requirements. Features include:
High Hoist and Trolley speeds resulting in short cycle lime,
Simultaneous hoisting, Trolley Traveling and Gantry Travel as standard
Twinlift Operation
Proven No-Sway System
Fault Monitoring/Maintenance Support directly Henan Mine Company
Stable, rigid, sway resistant, high quality steel structure design.
Port crane
Port crane
Shipbuilding Cranes
Our shipbuilding crane can cope with we alher condition (or working. What we provide is not just high quality lift equipment and also the support services!
Whether the shipbuilding plant is with light, medium or large capacity, no matter it works indoor or outdoor. Henan Mine Company could understand our custom better! We can provide all kinds lift equipment, from electric hoist for workshop to huge gantry crane! Please contact us for the suitable solutions.
Port crane
Port crane

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