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Chain Hoists And Wire Rope Hoist

Chain hoists lift by pulling the chain through sprockets and moving the chain into a chain holder. These sorts of hoists are more commonly used for applications with loads below 10 tons and require much less maintenance as opposed to wire rope hoists.

Wire rope hoists lift loads by wrapping a cable around a grooved drum. For 10 tons and above, wire rope hoists are the optimal choice on the market. This category of hoists is generally known to offer a wider variety of options with very fast lifting speeds.


End Carriage

If your cranes require end carriages,Our supported and suspended end carriages, standardized wheel heads and bogies are ideal for single-girder cranes, double-girder cranes, transfer carts and other industrial applications.


Electrical Control 

All electrical box has a content of switchgear equipment consisting of Siemens and Schneider . Each project produced a crane's electrical wiring diagrams and files are delivered to our customers. Unlike alternative products, all connections are made with a socket and plug, installation & commissioning, and maintenance is very simple. According to IEC standard are manufactured projected.


Gear Motor

According to working power, the motors can be divided into DC and AC motors. Further, the DC motor can be divided: brush-less DC motor and brush, according to the working principle whereas the AC motors also can be grouped into single-phase motors and three-phase motors.

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