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Henan Mine Here comes the welding workstation of fully automatic double girder inner seam robot

 This workstation is mainly used to realize the automatic welding of the internal seam of the double beam main beam. After the horizontal and vertical alignment of the manual feeding, the workpiece is turned ± 90 ° by the l-arm hydraulic upender, and the robot automatically searches for the position for welding.
Why do you want to go to such a workstation?
1. Save welding personnel, reduce labor cost, improve production environment and optimize management.
2. The robot can work 24 hours without interruption, can organize production with high intensity and efficiency, is not affected by personnel factors, improves equipment utilization, and shortens product delivery cycle.
3. The robot can eliminate the hidden danger of manual operation and avoid unnecessary accidents. Strict standardized operation, high process stability and stable productivity.
4. Enhance the image of mining technology and strength of Henan Province, improve the product weld strength and quality, and have more market competitiveness.


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