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Intelligent manufacturing industrial robot


 A new member of CNC machining center, six axis articulated robot, is mainly used in automatic gear machining production line.


The gear automatic processing production line is composed of 2 sets of Shenyang i5t3 CNC lathes, 1 set of original imported fanuc-m20ia six axis joint robot, 1 set of German XiongKe double position claw system, 1 set of Jinshi self-made eight position circulating bin, 1 turning position, 1 electrical control cabinet and 1 set of peripheral protection interlocked with the machine and human safety.

The grasping capacity of the joint robot is 20kg, the arm span radius is 1811mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy is ± 0.08mm. The German XiongKe double position air claw can not only complete the loading and unloading of the machine tool quickly in 12 seconds, but also has accurate feeding accuracy, long service life, and can guarantee 4 million times of refuelling frequency; The diameter of the compatible parts of the eight position circulating bin is Φ 50mm ~ Φ 220mm, each position can bear 100kg, the height of the stock is 400mm, and the primary storage of the bin can meet the processing requirements of the automatic line for 8 hours.

The refuelling time given by the automatic line robot to each equipment is about 12 seconds, including the auxiliary time such as chuck air blowing during refuelling, so that the time for automatic line to produce a finished product can be shortened by about 20 seconds compared with manual line manual operation; In addition, the implementation of the automatic line ensures the effective start-up rate of the equipment. The 8-hour working system of each team can guarantee the effective start-up rate of 7.5 hours. The 8-hour working system of the manual line can guarantee the effective start-up rate of about 6 hours. The effective start-up rate of the automatic line is 20% - 25% higher than that of the manual line equipment, so the production efficiency of the automatic line is much higher than that of the manual line product.


The loading and unloading as well as the attitude turning of the automatic line machine tool are carried out automatically by the robot, without the operator's intervention and the influence of human factors. Therefore, the consistency of the automatic line products and the overall processing quality are guaranteed, effectively reducing the scrap rate of the products, and greatly improving the competitiveness of the products.


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