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Anti sway technology of overhead crane

In order to ensure the safety of overhead crane, anti sway technology is usually used. At present, there are two kinds of anti - sway technology, mechanical anti - sway technology and electronic anti - sway technology.
Significance: the bridge crane is frequently used and the work is heavy. When lifting the goods, the lagging movement of the spreader will cause the goods to shake. The occurrence of this situation, easy to damage the life of the crane, if the shaking seriously causes the goods to fall off, it will bring serious accident consequences. Once the bridge crane shakes, the operator needs a longer time to control the landing accuracy when unloading, so the work efficiency is not high. Therefore, it is necessary to study the anti sway technology of bridge crane, which can promote construction safety and improve work efficiency.
Mechanical anti sway: mechanical anti sway refers to the installation of guide pillars under the trolley frame to prevent rocking through this method. However, if mechanical anti sway is adopted, the height of the workshop should meet the specified requirements, and the trolley structure is complex. This will increase the cost and shorten the life of the crane after a long time of use.
Electronic anti sway: the cost of electronic anti sway is lower than that of mechanical anti sway, but affected by the actual situation, the accuracy is also lower than that of mechanical anti sway.
Both anti sway technologies have advantages and disadvantages. Manufacturers should determine the selection scheme according to their own needs. If they want to pursue work efficiency, it is better to use electronic anti sway technology.


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