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  • QDY Type Double Girder Hook Ladle Crane
  • QDY Type Double Girder Hook Ladle Crane
  • QDY Type Double Girder Hook Ladle Crane
  • QDY Type Double Girder Hook Ladle Crane
  • QDY Type Double Girder Hook Ladle Crane
  • QDY Type Double Girder Hook Ladle Crane
  • QDY Type Double Girder Hook Ladle Crane
  • QDY Type Double Girder Hook Ladle Crane

QDY Type Double Girder Hook Casting Crane

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QDY bridge foundry crane with hook is mainly used at the place where the molten metal is lifted.The working class of the complete machine is A7,and thermal—protective coating is added at the bottom of the main girder.The assembling and test of the crane conform to the document No.ZJBT[2007]375 which was issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection and Quarantine of the People’S Republic of China.The place where molten nonmetal material and red-hot solid metal is lifted also can refer to this document.(note:HO in the be[ow figure is the increased height of buffer of the crane.H0≤250).

Environmental conditions:

1.The power of crane is three—phase AC;rated frequency is 50HZ;rated voltage is 380V;

2.The temperature of working environment is-10~+60℃;

3.The relative humidity is no more than 50% when the temperature is+40℃;

4.If the requirements are more than above-mentioned,it shall carry out the requirements in the purchase contract as the user asks.

Ordering instructions:

The basic parameters(rated lifting weight,lifting height and span,etc.)of the crane shall be described clearly when the user orders goods or signs a contract so that the product which may satisfy the working condition can be supplied.

QDY Type Double Girder Hook Ladle Crane
QDY Type Double Girder Hook Ladle Crane
QDY Type Double Girder Hook Ladle Crane

Double welding box girder, beam deflection with DIN/FEM standard

Steel Material: Chinese standard Q235B and Q345B

Trolley rail is made of high strength hot rolled flat steel (16 Mn)

Epoxy zinc-rich painting for one bottoms and two sides of 120μm thick, to achieve a long lifespan, beautiful appearance and good luster

The girder and end beam are connected together by high strength bolts to ensure the structure strength and precision of the whole machine

The end beams are equipped with flat wheel or double rim wheels, anti-friction bearings, buffer blocks and derailment preventing end plate

Maintenance walkway is located on one side of the main girder, consisting of flower pattern plate, 1050meters handrail. 

1. Both side of all the steel plate of crane are pretreatment by pretreatment production line,Sand blasting-- Primer spray--Primer drying. Eliminate the innerstress of steel plate, increase the adhesive force of the steel structure. Ensure the appearance and anticorrosion quality.

2. Steel plate cutting adapt whole sets Messer CNC plasma cutting machine from Germany, vrey fast cutting speed, little deformation, High precision,  Deviation could be controled within 1mm, it insure the raw material at high quality standard and can reach top level in the industry.  

3. The welding of main beam adapt high efficiency and intelligent welding robot, Henan Mine Crane Co.,LTD are No.1 enterprise who adapt this high technology machine. The welding joint inside of the main beam adapt advanced MAG welding, adapt Ar+CO2 mixed protective gas, The 4 welding joint outside of the main beam adapt automatic submerged-arc fillet welding machine.

4. The welding of main beam adapt radiographic inspection and ultrasonic flaw detection for the welding joint and  fillet weld position

5. The welding of end beam adapt double gun gantry submerged arc welding, highly welding quality ensure the stable quality of the crane effectively.

6. Adapt the steel plate rolling drum and wireless steel tube, Henan Mine Crane Co.,LTD has a set of steel plate rolling drum producing and processing line which is indusrty-leading level. From prebending by 1250t press machine, to Edge rolling by three-roller plate roll, at last the longitudinal joint and circumferential joint of drum are welded by automatic welding center and drum processed by heany duty CNC horizontal machine tool.

7. The wheel and wheel axle and treating by high efficiency quenching and tempering, it can eliminate the internal stress effectively and ensure the processing precision,

The trolley frame, drum, and bogie frame and related big welding structure are treated by Annealing in the natural gas annealing furnace to ensure the Machining accuracy after welding. Henan Mine Crane Co.,LTD have car bottom  natural gas annealing furnace, the furnace chamber inside size (length*width*heigh) is 10000mmx4000mmx4000mm, this annealing furnace can satisfy the Stress-Relieving annealing treatment after welding for the trolley frame, drum, bogie frame, balance beam, spreader and all kinds of welding structure on the crane, Only Henan Mine Crane Co.,LTD has this ability in China Crane Hometown.

8. According to the demand of customer, our crane could be equipped with the high technology anti-swing mechanism which has been apply as the patent of our Henan Mine Crane Co.,LTD group. This is work leading level technology. Henan Mine Crane Co.,LTD take the head in achieve the best and better management, best and better manufacturing, promote the further enhance for the product quality.

9. Henan Mine Crane Co.,LTD has top advanced processing and manufacturing equipment and processing technology in the crane industry all over China, at the same time, Henan Mine Crane Co.,LTD take the head in achieve the best and better management, best and better manufacturing, Try the best to ensure the Henan Mine Crane Co.,LTD product quality and satisfy the demand of customer. 

a. Overload protection in the event of overload, the hoist unit switches off and only the lowering motion is possible

b. Long and cross travel limited by means of preliminary and final limit switches or Wireless anti-collision device

c. Anti-falling protection for the Three-in-One electric motor of trolley and crane prevents from accidental falling

d. All movements can be switched off by actuating the emergency-off switch at the control station via a main contact

e. High quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer fixed at the end of trolley travelling and crane travelling to prevent over traveling

f. Safety hook latch used for avoiding the lifted material out off from the hook

g. Audible and visual alarm device to inform the person stay near by the travelling crane

h. Rain Cover for lifting mechanism of outdoor cranes, electric cabinet and driving mechanism

i. Protective earth conductor is fitted as standard

j. Voltage lower protection system

k. Current overload protection system

Overhead crane and gantry crane manufacturing and tolerances of rail installation GB/T10183-2005

Crane test specification and procedures GB/T5905-1986

Crane electric control equipment JB/T4315-1997

Important application wire rope GB8918-2006

Carbon structure steel GB/T700-2006

 Low alloy high strength structure steel GB/T1591-2008

Welding joint radiographic inspection standard JB928-1994

Steel welding joint manual ultrasonic flaw detection way GB11345-1989

Henan MIne Crane CO., LTD crane could supply not only overhead crane but also the overhead crane solutions, firstly, we will supply overhead bridge crane design, overhead crane manual, overhead crane drawing, overhead crane wiring diagram, overhead crane electrical diagram and overhead crane safety video before or after delivery, our technician will do supervision the installation according to the document, of course, the customer can do installation by themselves according to their requirement.

After installation, our technician will indicate to do the load test according to the overhead crane load test procedure, then overhead crane operator training and overhead crane maintenance training, all the procedure will be made according to the overhead crane training videos and overhead crane training PowerPoint,

Henan MIne Crane CO., LTD crane has a lot of honor for overhead crane certification for different overhead crane types.

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