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In 2020 the mobilization conference of safety production in three summer of Henan mine was held cer


 On June 3, the mobilization conference of safety production of Henan mine in three summers in 2020 was ceremoniously held in the multi-functional hall. Cui Peijun, founder and Secretary of the Party committee of the company attended the meeting and made a speech. Members of the leading group of the company attend the meeting, and all front-line employees attend the meeting.


Secretary Cui pointed out that the global epidemic is spreading and all industries have been affected, but our company has ushered in a production climax. Sanxia is the busy season of the company. Every employee should reasonably arrange the affairs of "his own small home" and "everyone of the company", ensure the safe production, ensure the product quality, and complete all tasks of Sanxia work with high speed and quality.

Secretary Cui stressed that we should do a good job in quality education and enhance the corporate image. The transformation from migrant workers to industrial workers is not the transformation of clothing and skills, but the most important is the transformation of thinking and quality. If we want to be respected by others, we should first learn to respect others, have noble personality, behave ourselves according to rules, and treat customers, relatives, colleagues and friends sincerely. We must pay attention to these problems from the bottom of our hearts, strictly abide by the rules and regulations, pay attention to personal quality at all times, and establish the civilized image of Henan mine.


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