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Henan mine steelmaking crane successfully passed the expert a inspection

 From June 4 to 6, the steelmaking project team of Baosteel Desheng Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. organized personnel of relevant units to conduct joint acceptance on the yza7 100 / 30t-27m crane of Baosteel Desheng stainless steel manufactured by our company. The project team determined that the crane met the technical agreement of the contract and the standard of inspection outline a.
The experts of the project team checked the self inspection record, material report, flaw detection report and other data of the crane, measured the trolley structure, bridge structure and assembly of the crane and trolley, and completed the no-load power on test run.

The project office of the company organized relevant personnel from process department, production department, technology department, quality assurance department, etc. to cooperate with the a inspection and strictly control the details. The a inspection lasted for three days and was a complete success. The experts affirmed our company's design and manufacturing process and excellent product quality.



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