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Causes of oil leakage in reducer of double beam overhead crane

 The production of crane equipment has always been our key task as a crane manufacturer. The reducer is an indispensable key 'role' in crane design. You can simply understand the causes of oil leakage of the reducer.
Due to the unreasonable design of the reducer itself, if there is no design vent or the vent is too small, the internal pressure and external pressure of the reducer cannot be balanced, resulting in the leakage of lubricating oil;
The manufacturing accuracy of the reducer fails to meet the requirements, and the accuracy of the box joint surface is not enough, resulting in oil leakage due to the lax sealing. For example, the oil pool of the reducer of the trolley running mechanism is composed of the upper and lower boxes. Because of the long-term operation, the joint surface of the two boxes is not tightly sealed and easy to leak oil;
The improper use and maintenance of the user causes many blockage, resulting in high internal pressure, and the lubricating oil oozes along the joint surface of the reducer under pressure. Or too much oil is added and the oil level is too high; the fastening bolts have not been tightened and maintained for a long time, and the connecting bolts are loose, so that the joint surface of the two boxes is not tight.
The above three points are the main reasons for the oil leakage of the reducer of the crane. I hope you can have a simple understanding and help you avoid the failure in the use of the crane.

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