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Motor temperature of electric hoist

There are many kinds of electric hoists, such as imported electric hoists, explosion-proof electric hoists, intelligent electric hoists and so on. Selecting appropriate equipment according to different situations is the basis to ensure the normal use of products.
When the electric hoist is used, when the temperature is too high, first of all, check whether the motor is overloaded and heated. If the motor is overloaded for a long time, it will burn the motor; if the motor is not overloaded and still heating, check whether the motor bearing is damaged.
It is also necessary to check whether the motor of the electric chain hoist meets the requirements of use, which is also the reason for the motor heating. When using, the gap between the motor system, the electric hoist motor and the brake is too small and not completely disengaged. The huge friction and friction heat are equivalent to additional load, which reduces the speed of the motor, and the higher the current, the higher the temperature. At this time, the work should be stopped It is necessary to adjust the brake clearance.

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