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Precautions for operation of single beam overhead crane

Single beam overhead crane is widely used in modern industry, so attention should be paid to its standard operation in construction, otherwise accidents will happen. The following Henan Province mine crane to explain under the European single beam crane daily use of matters needing attention.
Single beam bridge crane equipment related staff operation is not standard, will make its equipment wear and aging. Some units also employ unqualified drivers, which not only causes early damage to the equipment, but also delays the normal construction period.
In order to make the equipment work normally for a long time, in addition to daily maintenance work, we also need to check the replacement and repair of damaged parts of the equipment, so as to eliminate the fault at the bud, and avoid bringing danger to the construction personnel.
The construction unit shall formulate the equipment management rules and regulations, and maintain the normal construction order of the unit, especially for the units with frequent equipment and personnel transfer, perfect management system data shall be established.

The manufacturer of single beam eot crane should supervise the operators to implement the equipment maintenance system and standard operating procedures, so as to ensure the reliable performance of equipment and personnel. Many units in the equipment management, often exist in the concept of heavy use and light maintenance, which will easily give equipment hidden dangers.

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