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Electrical maintenance and safe operation of single beam overhead crane

 Maintenance and maintenance of electrical equipment of single beam crane: in order to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the crane, it is necessary to formulate the maintenance system of electrical equipment in accordance with the provisions of GB6067-85, and be familiar with the causes and causes of various failures of the equipment The maintenance of the main electrical equipment is described as follows: in order to increase the service life of the crane electrical equipment, it is necessary to keep the electrical equipment such as the contactor in the control box clean and prevent the leakage, breakdown and short circuit (the current is not connected to the two poles of the power source directly without the electrical appliance).
When the hanging cable is used to conduct electricity, the corner rust and dirt on the trolley slide rail should be removed at any time to keep the traction pulley running normally. Track inspection: mainly observe whether the track is straight, whether the pressing plate is firm and whether there is looseness. If it is found that the trolley is stuck when walking, try to correct the track or adjust the wheels.
Safety operation rules of single beam crane: it is not allowed to hang articles in the air for a long time; when hanging articles, the staff shall not leave their posts. Crane is a kind of multi action lifting machinery which can lift and carry heavy objects vertically and horizontally in a certain range. Also known as crane, aerial crane, crane. The main parameters of crane are the parameters that represent the main technical performance index of crane, and are the basis of crane design and the important basis of safety technical requirements of heavy machinery. No drinking operation, no chatting during work. After the work is finished, the crane should be opened back to the left side of the gate, and the operation button switch should be hung at the designated position. When hanging the operation button switch, attention should be paid to how to hang it before it is removed, and how to hang it when it is put back, so as to prevent rainwater from flowing into the button switch.
Assembly of running trolley
First install the trolley on the track with the trolley fixing pin and fasten it with bolts. The cantilever crane is an industrial component, which is a light working strength crane. It is composed of column, slewing arm, rotary drive device and electric hoist. It has the advantages of light weight, large span, large lifting capacity, economy and durability. The driving wheel shall be in contact with the rail surface, and the clearance between the driven wheel and the rail surface shall meet the requirements of the electric hoist bridge crane standard. After the trolley is assembled, its main dimension deviation shall meet the requirements of electric single beam bridge crane standard.
Installation of main girder
High strength bolts are used to connect the main beam and the end beam to form a bridge structure. The structure of the electric hoist is compact, and the motor axis is perpendicular to the drum axis, and the worm gear transmission device is used. Its disadvantages are: large length, large width, bulky structure, low mechanical efficiency and difficult processing. The hydraulic system is dual control, overflow control valve and magnetic contact pressure gauge can accurately control the pressure. The electrical control department adopts low voltage control, which increases the security of the control system.

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