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Matters needing attention when replacing steel wire rope of double beam overhead crane

The hoisting mechanism of double beam overhead crane consists of driving device, transmission device, drum, pulley block, picking device and braking device. The hoisting mechanism is the main part of the crane, because it is in the working state for a long time, it is one of the accessories easy to be damaged on the double beam crane. The following is to introduce the matters needing attention when replacing the steel wire rope of the double beam bridge crane.
Before replacing the steel wire rope of double beam bridge crane, safety education, safety technical disclosure and operation technology disclosure should be carried out for operators, and appropriate sites should be selected and tools and appliances should be prepared. Move the required wire rope to the site, and at the same time, in order to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, safety precautions should be taken: the safety belt must be fastened when working at high altitude, and it must be hung high to resist; it is not allowed to throw objects at high altitude to avoid cross operation, and set up warning line to prevent irrelevant personnel from entering the operation site; the shackle of lifting rope should be strictly checked, and the shackle should be safe and reliable.
During operation, the hook should be lowered to the horizontal position on the ground, the prepared wire rope should be put on the turntable, and then the old and new steel wire ropes should be welded together and connected with double strand wire ropes. Using the lifting mode of bridge crane itself, the old wire rope is put down and the new wire rope is lifted up. Then cut off the junction of the old and new steel wire rope, you can achieve the effect of replacement

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