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How to reduce the ratio of pulley block of gantry crane?

In the large lifting capacity gantry crane, the ratio of pulley block is quite large, for example, when the lifting capacity is 200 tons, it reaches 10, and in the lifting capacity is 250 tons, it reaches 12. At the same time, the selected rope may as well receive the load of 11 tons.

In order to reduce the ratio of the pulley block of the gantry crane, a different trolley structure is selected. This structure is designed on the basis of selecting new and firm ropes. The diameter of the rope is 44cm, and the strength of supporting load may reach 27 tons.When this kind of rope is used for gantry crane, the weight and manufacturing workload of the trolley can be greatly reduced due to the reduction of the number of parts used. Especially for the large lifting component gantry crane with increased lifting height, the reduction of weight and manufacturing work beam is more significant.Moreover, the number of hoisting and hoisting parts of gantry crane is reduced from 997 to 362; the number of parts of trolley frame steel structure is reduced from 69 to 19; and the wheelbase of trolley is reduced from 5440cm to 4340cm. For the 250 ton car, the total number of parts required to be machined was reduced from 716 to 582.At the same time of reducing the ratio of pulley block, the gantry crane may also choose the reduced suspension with mandrel - bearing beam. The result is that under the same lifting height, the height of the building may be reduced, or the lifting height may be increased under the same conditions of the building.Therefore, in the design of gantry crane trolley, although the organization and suspended hook hanger are arranged in such a way that the center of the fully loaded trolley is almost at the same distance from the wheel to meet the different lifting requirements.

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