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Common Fault Maintenance Of Bridge Crane


 Due to the influence of vibration, wear, pressure, temperature and other factors on the trolley reducer of bridge crane, oil leakage often occurs at the static sealing parts of each joint surface. The traditional treatment method is to dismantle the reducer, replace the sealing gasket or apply sealant, but it is time-consuming and laborious, and it is difficult to ensure the sealing effect, and there will be leakage again in operation. In modern western countries, polymer composite materials are often used to treat leakage on site, and youfushi blue series are widely used. Polymer material repair can avoid disassembly, and the material has superior adhesion, oil resistance and 350% elongation, which can well overcome the impact of reducer vibration, and the repair effect is more effective than the traditional method.

The driving wheel and reducer of overhead traveling crane operate frequently, and the torque and vibration of each shaft of the reducer will increase after several times of reverse emergency stop and stop, which will easily cause leakage. After the occurrence of such problems, the traditional methods are mainly repair welding or machining repair after brush plating, but both of them have certain disadvantages: the thermal stress generated by high temperature of repair welding can not be completely eliminated, and it is easy to bend or fracture; however, due to the limitation of coating thickness, brush plating is easy to peel off, and the above two methods are metal repair metal, which can not change the "hard to hard" coordination relationship Under the combined action, it will still cause re abrasion.

The latest maintenance methods are mainly polymer composite materials, and the more widely used are meijiahua technology products, which have super strong adhesion, excellent compressive strength and other comprehensive properties. The application of polymer material repair, not only has no effect of welding thermal stress, repair thickness is not limited, at the same time, the product has the concession of metal materials, can absorb the impact vibration of equipment, avoid the possibility of re wear, and greatly extend the service life of equipment components, save a lot of downtime for enterprises, and create huge economic value.

Crane operating mechanism generally only uses four active and driven wheels. If the lifting capacity is large, it is often used to increase the wheel pressure to reduce the wheel pressure. When there are more than four wheels, an articulated equalizing frame device must be used to make the load of the crane evenly distributed on each wheel. The metal structure of the bridge is composed of main beam and end beam, which can be divided into single girder bridge and double beam bridge. The single girder bridge is composed of a single main beam and end beams on both sides of the span, while the double beam bridge is composed of two main beams and end beams.


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