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Main technical features of overhead crane


Overhead traveling crane is a kind of lifting equipment which is used to lift materials horizontally over workshops, warehouses and stockyards. Because its two ends are located on high concrete columns or metal supports, it is shaped like a bridge. The bridge of bridge crane runs longitudinally along the track laid on the viaducts on both sides, which can make full use of the space under the bridge to lift materials without being hindered by ground equipment. It is the most widely used, the largest number of lifting machinery.The main technical parameters of the bridge crane are as follows:
1. Mass and load parameters: lifting capacity g, effective lifting capacity GP, rated lifting capacity GN, total lifting capacity GT, maximum lifting capacity Gmax, lifting moment M, lifting overturning moment Ma, total crane mass go, wheel pressure P.
2. Size parameters of crane: amplitude L, maximum amplitude Lmax, minimum amplitude lmin, effective cantilever expansion distance L, lifting height h, descending depth h, lifting range D, boom length Lb, crane inclination angle.
3. Motion speed parameters: lifting (descending) speed VN, micro speed descending speed VM, slewing speed ω, crane (CART) running speed VK, trolley running speed VT, luffing speed VR.
4. Parameters related to crane running line: span s.
5. General performance parameters: working level, working level of mechanism.Span refers to the horizontal distance between the operation track center lines of overhead traveling crane, unit: M. the distance between the center lines of trolley running track of bridge crane is called the gauge of trolley, and the distance between the center lines of running track of boom crane with rail on the ground is called the gauge of the crane. For more information about the industry, please refer to the crane Market Research Report.Features of bridge crane:The crane with lifting device suspended on the crane trolley or traveling hoist running along the bridge is called "bridge crane".Both ends of the bridge are directly supported on the elevated track by the running device, which is called "bridge crane".Bridge crane is generally composed of bridge with crane running mechanism, crane trolley with lifting mechanism and trolley running mechanism, electrical equipment and driver's cab. It looks like a single span flat slab bridge with two ends supported on two parallel overhead tracks. The lifting mechanism is used to lift the goods vertically, and the crane trolley is used to carry the load for lateral movement; the bridge and cart running mechanism are used to move the trolley and articles longitudinally to form a three-dimensional space within the span and the specified height for handling and loading and unloading goods.

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