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How to deal with rusty electric hoist.

If the metal equipment rusts, it will certainly affect the service life of the equipment, and the electric hoist crane can not be spared, so it must be inspected and maintained regularly to avoid corrosion. How to operate it? Henan mining Crane Co., Ltd. has rich experience and technical scheme in the production and processing of gantry crane, electric hoist, single beam crane and double beam crane, which has won the trust and support of consumers. The following small series will introduce in detail for you.
Brush antirust lubricating oil on the surface of the wire rope of the electric hoist. If it is not in the working state, a layer of tarpaulin or plastic film can be added outside the wire rope for multiple protection. The hook is also a part that can not be ignored. Calcium based anti rust grease should be injected into the bearing of the hook to play a role in rust prevention. Not to do these work, even if good, usually also often check and maintenance, as far as possible to extend its use effect.
There are gear box accessories in the electric hoist parts, and their maintenance work is also very important. The gear surface should be coated with anti rust grease containing petroleum barium sulfonate, and the integrity of the oil film should be ensured. If rust is found, the rust spots shall be scraped off and the oil shall be repainted; if the original oil film is damaged or deteriorated, it shall be cleaned with kerosene or gasoline and then coated with anti rust grease.
In addition to the above mentioned parts to do rust prevention measures, all parts of the electric hoist should cause our attention, because any part of rust may affect the operation of the whole equipment.

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