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Attention should be paid to the maintenance of the hook of electric hoist

Electric hoist is a small equipment, which replaces manual labor, improves work efficiency and is widely used in daily life. The hook of electric hoist is an important part, which should be maintained and replaced.
In the use of electric hoist, it is estimated that the torsion angle of the accessory hook should be kept within 10 degrees, that is, the torsion angle of the hook should not exceed 10 degrees. The surface of the hook shall be well maintained and kept clean without cracks, sharp corners, burrs, peeling and other defects. The inner hook shall be free of cracks, white spots and inclusion safety inclusions. If the defects are found, they should be repaired in time, and if the damage is serious, they should be replaced in time to avoid safety accidents.
Attention should be paid to take anti rust measures for the hook to reduce the corrosion of parts. If corrosion occurs, it should be repaired and replaced in time. There are many kinds of imported electric hoists, and the selected hooks are different. The products that conform to the mechanical equipment are good products.
5 ton hoist is widely used in factory, port, mine, warehouse, goods yard and store, thus it is necessary lifting equipment for improving working efficiency.
In order to give you suitable electric wire rope hoistsolution and specific electric wire rope hoistprice promptly, please help our electric wire rope hoistengineer to confirm the following information as much as possible:
  1. Types of hoist: ?
  2. Capacity: 5 ton
  3. Height of Lift
  4. Power supply: (3phase? Voltage? Hz?)
  5. Quantity:
  6. Operation: Through Pendant/Radio Remote
  7. Indoor/Outdoor:
  8. Application (What are you planning to lift)
  9. Environment (Normal/ hazardous)
  10. Location
  11. Industry type: ( Eg: Auto, steel, sugar stone, etc.)
  12. Rail Existing/New (Size in case of Existing)
  13. Number of hoist:
  14. Existing Structure/New Structure:

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