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Gantry crane with more convenient use and more stable performance

One kind of gantry crane is the equipment in the center of the trolley driving wheel. The rolling method of the trolley is divided into two types according to the equipment orientation of the reducer. The torque received by the output shaft of the car reducer and the rolling shafts on both sides are relatively uniform; the other is that the reducer is installed on one side of the driving wheel of the car. This rolling method is more convenient for equipment, repair and maintenance, but it will present the situation of unstable torsion of the car body.
It is composed of main beam and end beam, which can be divided into single girder bridge and double beam bridge. The single girder bridge is composed of a single main beam and end beams on both sides of the span, while the double beam bridge is composed of two main beams and end beams.
The main girder is composed of upper and lower flange plates and straight webs on both sides. The trolley rail is organized on the center line of the upper flange plate. The structure is simple and the fabrication is convenient. It is suitable for mass production, but its weight is large.
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