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Henan Mine | Aiding the Poor, We Are Always On the Way

May 9, 2018 afternoon, ChangYuan County convened the Seventh Advancement Conference of County Poverty Alleviation. In the conference, the groups and individuals who have done outstanding contributions were awarded honors. Henan Mine is awarded the honor of Hundred Companies Help Hundred Village Advanced Unit for Poverty Alleviation in ChangYuan County.
Henan Mine | Aiding the Poor, We Are Always On the Way
Henan Mine | Aiding the Poor, We Are Always On the Way
Henan Mine | Aiding the Poor, We Are Always On the Way
About the social responsibility, Henan Mine is always clear and firm. Mr. Cui, the company founder and Secretary of Party Committee is very sure on the beginning of business: Henan Mine is one social enterprise. Henan Mine’s healthy development needs the support from government and all sectors of society. Henan Mine fulfills the social responsibility actively, adheres the public welfare and participates the precision poverty alleviation, which has promoted the society development and realize the enterprise social value.
Henan Mine | Aiding the Poor, We Are Always On the Way
Company donates 2 million Yuan to CanMu village
Since establish of company, the social responsibility is taken as one company basic value all the way. Henan Mine not only fulfills the responsibility to customer, employees and district development, but also participates the public welfare in long term, which enriches the connotation of enterprise culture and form a distinctive public welfare system for poverty alleviation.
Henan Mine | Aiding the Poor, We Are Always On the Way
CanMu village sent plaque to Henan Mine
In the past 16 years, Henan Mine has always insisted to explore a better enterprise citizenship system and done more efficiency social responsibility, which has formed many brand public welfare projects, such as “Pair Helping, poverty alleviation precisely”, “Fund of supporting poor university students”, “Filial piety cultural activities”, “Filial piety travelling”. Through multiple methods, such as donation directly, industry and education poverty alleviation, Henan Mine has been put into total of 65 million Yuan. A large number of Students whose families are difficult have completed their studies yet.
Poverty alleviation, be an activist
1. “Donation for helping study”, taking education poverty alleviation as the theme.
Along with company development, the forms and quantities of donations from Henan Mine for poverty are increasing continuously. The lag of technology education is the basic reason among many poverty factors. In Yellow River flooded area, many children cannot afford the university because of the historical reason, such as diseases, disasters. 
In this case, Henan Mine has continuously held 14 times of “Activity of education donation from Henan Mine”. Company donates education development in total amount of 5 million Yuan for county high school, village high school and community Junior high school, elementary school and community kindergartens, which is mainly for scholarship fund, teacher award fund, school building construction, library construction and sports facilities. 
Henan Mine | Aiding the Poor, We Are Always On the Way
Photo shows the university students donation of 2017
2. The poverty alleviation activities, based on the development
Henan Mine is in CanMu village, where the nature conditions are not good. The development of Henan Mine has fully stimulated the local economy development and enriches the local people lives. By now, company has 12000 employees and sales; and more than 90 percent of them are from villagers. It is very hard to find the surplus labor forces in the street now because they have been transferred into enterprises and tertiary industry. The chain of secondary industry and tertiary industry surrounding with crane manufacture has driven the similar industries developments, such as 3300 accessory companies and shops, 60 service industries and 260 sets transportation trucks. More steady good income enriches more people’s lives.
3. Taking the society donations as one normal work
Since establish of company, the concept of serving society and win-win has become the company culture brand and normal work. Firstly, company has fix plans to arrange these activities, such as every year, every two years or in holidays. Secondly, company has organization. The Party committee secretary of company is the group leader; chairman of board is vice group leader. The activities will be arranged by Party office, comprehensive office or labor union relying on the activity content. Thirdly, there should be purpose for every activity. We should high light the private enterprise great love for serving society. Do the “pair poverty alleviation” and “precisely poverty alleviation” actively. 
Henan Mine | Aiding the Poor, We Are Always On the Way
Company went to DuoMa county of QingHai province
Henan Mine | Aiding the Poor, We Are Always On the Way
Mr. Cui, the company founder consoles the elderly
Every Spring Festival, the cadre of company middle level will console the difficult families separately. The cash and gifts should be delivered to elder hand by hand. If the families of employees or village people have difficulties, company will help them actively. “If there are difficulties, you can find Henan Mine”, which has been one public praise of local people.
Henan Mine | Aiding the Poor, We Are Always On the Way
Practicing the social responsibility is not only the donations of money and material, but also one persistent and firm career. Henan Mine will continue to build up overall consciousness and social responsibility. Henan Mine surrounds the strategic deployment of “precisely poverty alleviation”, do the pair poverty alleviation and take the social responsibility. Henan Mine wants to be the participants and the guiding of social customs.
In 2018, Henan Mine has started many activities of poverty alleviation with higher urgency and faster action. Henan Mine will give full play to its own advantages to make a good contribution for precisely poverty alleviation.

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